The Digital Distributorâ„¢

Services and Solutions

Our Solutions Promote YOUR Solutions!

Set your distribution company apart with the value you provide to your customers.

We’ll promote your value and implement strategies that generate more leads and drive greater sales.

From creating a compelling value proposition that resonates with your target customers to developing and executing a marketing and sales strategy that attracts new customers and grows your bottom line, we offer services that meet the needs of every distributor, including: 

Advisory & Consulting Services

You bring a lot more to the table besides products. Let us help you:

Ensure your customers recognize the benefits of working with you.

Educate your customers on how your company is making their businesses better.

Turn your digital solutions into revenue and clobber your competition.

Identify the strategies and tactics that promote your company clearly and effectively.

CRM and Marketing Automation

You're spending a lot of money on new technology. You'll get the greatest ROI possible by:

Developing and implementing a data-driven strategy that will drive results.

Growing your digital sales and marketing capabilities to exceed your sales goals.

Achieving superior revenue growth, market share, and customer satisfaction.

Setting, measuring, and surpassing your revenue goals, resulting in measurable and consistent growth.

Done-for-You Services

No marketing team? No problem whatsoever! We have everything you need here in-house! Let us help you by:

Meeting your basic marketing needs, be it graphic design, copywriting, website design, email, social media, SEO, etc.

Cleaning up and managing you mailing lists, helping segment your lists for personalized messaging.

Supporting your sales efforts including digital, regional, and local marketing and sales.

Keeping your website up-to-date with new features, new products, new sales campaigns and new content.

Content Creation and Marketing

Your customers know your value, but how do you convey that value proposition to your prospects? Let us share your sales and marketing messaging by:

Creating and publishing compelling messaging that attracts new business.

Keeping you front and center when buyers are searching for their products and your services.

Writing blogs, articles, website pages, creating videos and all forms of media that reaches your ideal prospects.

Combining your valuable content with cutting edge strategies to ensure your messaging is heard.

Done-with-You Services

Digital sales and marketing strategies evolve constantly. You'll stay up-to-date and even ahead when we help your team succeed by:

Capturing more online leads using dynamic web pages that convert tire-kickers into prospects.

Sending emails to your audience segments with triggers that help identify anonymous website traffic.

Driving more sales by successfully nurturing and scoring your leads.

Identifying opportunities and eliminating waste by using A/B testing and campaign analytics.

Sales and Marketing Alignment

When your sales and digital marketing strategies are aligned, you'll see a significant increase in revenue, share of customer spend, and sales cycle velocity. Let us help you:

Get your sales and digital marketing on the same page, working together, and easily connecting to more prospects.

Decrease your sales cycle by putting measurable, results-based strategies into place.

Run your digital sales and marketing strategies smoothly and efficiently.

Achieve more than either department could have achieved on its own.

Recruiting and Training

It's important you have the right people in the right seats. You can do that by letting us:

Create or fine-tune your job descriptions, ensuring you've covered all aspects necessary for a well-functioning team.

Teaching your existing marketing team everything they need to know to ensure you're a successful digital distributor.

Screen your candidates by reviewing resumes and interviewing job candidates.

Assessing your current marketing team's skills, identifying strengths and weaknesses in performance.

Speaking Engagements

Want to hire Susan for your next virtual or in-person event?

With ten years' experience in the distribution industry, Susan is an expert in digital sales and marketing strategies.

Whether you need a keynote address, a guest for your webcast or podcast, or some training, Susan can help.

Need something for your publication? Susan is also a published author of articles and three marketing books.

Audiences learn how to generate a greater ROI from their digital transformation when taught by Susan.