Is Your Distribution Company Doing All it Can to Grow Sales?

Distributors everywhere are making positive strides toward putting a successful digital sales transformation in place.  But after investing a lot of time and energy, many still wonder why they're not getting the return they expected.

If you know digital sales and marketing efforts can work efficiently, generate more valuable leads, and increase the trajectory in your sales cycles, but you can't seem to make it happen, this book is for you!

For many distributors, digital marketing can be complex, disruptive, and overwhelming. The Digital Distributor: Six Steps to Accelerate Sales walks you through the most important steps to ensuring your digital sales and marketing success.

Endorsements for The Digital Distributor™ Program

Jim Banovich
CEO, Marsh Electronics

“As a distributor we are struggling with the developing of an introduction or invitation to see customers face-to-face. I can see how Susan's digital tools will lead us to introductions and invites for face-to-face meetings at the right point in the sales process. Great timing Susan!”

Dirk Beveridge, Founder, UnleashWD & We Supply America

"Susan shares the latest in B2B marketing and supports it all with case studies from distribution companies; and unlike most others, she prescribes the very next step you must take to market in a post pandemic world (with downloadable worksheets!)"

Brian Peters
CEO, Peters Supply

"Susan's playbook gives you step-by-step instructions on what we all need to do to communicate our value to more people. Follow Susan’s compass, and you will find your distribution company surrounded with more customers for whom you are better fit to help solve their problems."

Pradip Krishnadeverajan, NAW Fellow and Co-Founder, ActVantage

"The age of acceleration is upon us! Susan presents a robust roadmap for distributors to compete online effectively. As a distributor, if you are unsure where to begin, Susan’s framework is a compelling starting point. Susan has done all the hard work for you."

Kyle Schull
President, Building Products, Inc.

"Susan provides an excellent roadmap for distributors to follow. I have personally worked with Susan for the last two years while launching our digital marketing initiatives at BPI. She is a wealth of knowledge, and distribution leaders would be wise to follow her six steps as they look to innovate their sales and marketing strategies for the future.”

Mike Marks, Founding Partner, Indian River Consulting Group

"We are all deluged with the ‘change now or die’ message. This is a program of six steps that examines how to start and how the pieces fit together. It provides very tangible and specific examples of what the new normal will look like for an industrial distributor."

Mark Dancer, NAW Fellow and CEO, Network for Business Innovation

"Susan provides indispensable insights and executable actions for immediately growing sales and delighting customers, and at the same time, building a foundation for B2B innovations and the future of distribution. This book is a must read for every distributor leader!”

What's Inside

The Digital Distributor: Six Steps to Accelerate Sales is an immediately actionable program delivered as a workbook-style guide that brings distributors through the foundational steps they must take to clearly communicate their value, capture and convert more profitable leads, and serve buyers on the buyers’ terms.

The steps in this book will increase new and recurring sales, customer retention, and your share of customer spending. Written to save distributors years of expensive trial and error, this book will deliver a greater ROI from your digital sales transformation and leave you much better positioned for whatever technologies or new sales strategies arise in the future.

  • Chapter 1 -- Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Teams
  • Chapter 2 -- Segmenting Your Audience (Creating Your Buyer Personas)
  • Chapter 3 -- Communicating Your Message Digitally
  • Chapter 4 -- Choosing the Right Technology
  • Chapter 5 -- Managing Digital Leads
  • Chapter 6 -- What to Measure, How to Succeed

Includes Access to ALL of these Downloadable, Reusable Tools and Worksheets! 

Follow the guidance provided and:

  • Deliver stronger sales messaging that positions your company as a customer-centric go-to expert
  • Generate, qualify, and convert more valuable leads
  • Increase your sales team's productivity, agility, and ability to generate more revenue
  • Make smarter, more data-driven decisions
  • Deliver a better customer experience
  • Improve collaboration across sales and marketing
  • Make life easier for your sales force

Whether you have yet to begin, are in the midst of, or have already completed a digital sales transformation, The Digital Distributor™ Program, beginning with the contents of this book, is the easiest and fastest way to Maximize your Sales Transformation so that your company:

- Generates More Quality Leads

- Increases Customer Retention

- Gains a Greater Share of Customer Wallet

- Pulls Ahead and Stays Ahead of Competitors

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